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Rapid Tooling

Fully machined steel or aluminium tools

Solid Concepts offers fully machined steel or aluminium tools for low to medium volume parts within 15-45 days (depending on complexity). These production tools offer the opportunity to reorder more parts when required, without waiting for retooling or moulding.

These tools can produce components in the correct material and include all the features of the full production item. The parts can have the ‘finish’ you specify. Parts can be made from any injection moulding plastic including, UV Stable, high impact, heat resistant and filled plastics.

Steel tooling can be used for prototype or production. These tools can accommodate production quantities in excess of 100,000 parts.

Solid Concepts currently supply production components to several industries including:

  • Automotive industry
  • Medical
  • Communications

Solid Concepts uses facilities within Australia and Singapore to ensure high quality tools at competitive rates.

Rapid Tooling Australia
Rapid Tooling Perth
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Rapid Tooling