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1. Stereolithography

ABS Type
This is a strong, rigid resin that has the characteristics of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). It is also a clear resin that can be lacquered to become transparent.

 Download pdf data sheet for WaterShed XC 11122

Polypropylene Type
This resin has properties similar to polypropylene’s tensile strength and elongation. It has a good balance of properties between rigidity and functionality. This material is especially useful in applications where durability and robustness are critical requirements (eg. auto components, electronic housings, medical products, large panels and snap-fit parts). 

 Download pdf data sheet for Somos 9120 Epoxy Photopolymer

Nylon Type
Somos® NeXt is an extremely durable stereolithography (SL) resin that produces very accurate parts with high feature detail. Based on the Somos® DMX technology, Somos® NeXt is a next generation of material that facilitates the production of tough, complex parts with improved moisture resistance and greater thermal properties.

 Download pdf data sheet for Somos NeXt

High Temperature Resin
This makes the material ideal for many applications in the automotive and aerospace markets where strong parts that can resist high temperatures are needed. 

 Download pdf data sheet for ProtoTherm 12120

2. Selective Laser Sintering

Straight Nylon
This is white in colour and has excellent strength & heat resistance. Good for functional parts and can be painted to resemble the final product.

 Download pdf data sheet for PA 2200 Performance 1.0

Glass Filled Nylon
Being glass filled it has a white/gray color and is more rigid than non-filled nylon. Good for parts that require exceptional strength.

 Download pdf data sheet for PA 3200 GF

3. Polyurethane Vacuum Casting

The materials used in the molding process are Polyurethanes. There are many types of polyurethanes available that replicate many material types from ABS, Polypropylene and Nylon to soft, rubber like materials within the Shore ‘A’ hardness table.
We are able to pigment the materials to match most colours.

Download pdf data sheets:

 F-25 Soft Rubber Like
 F-40 Soft Rubber Like
 F-60 Rubber Like
 F-70 Rubber Like
 F-80 Rubber Like
 F-90 Hard Rubber Like
 PX-212 PP Material
 PX-223 ABS HR Material
 PX-521 ABS Water Clear
 TC-880 PP/ABS Material
 4280 Hard ABS/PC TC-852 TC-78

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