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3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing or Rapid Prototyping refers to the technology that builds physical models layer by layer from 3D CAD data (Computer-Aided Design). Rapid Prototyping is a cost effective technology that allows engineers, product developers, industrial designers or people with a novel idea to get prototypes made faster, cheaper and more accurately. 

The benefits include:
  • More design review cycles
    Test a greater number of options within the design time frame
  • Functional prototypes for early verification
    Check the form, fit and function or your design within days.
  • Early market feedback
    Gain feedback from your targeted market before investing in expensive tooling.
  • Reduce development time and cost
    In comparison to traditional design methods, the use of rapid prototyping for product development reduces time to market by 70% – 90% and cost to market by 40% – 60%.

Solid Concepts provides services to a broad range of organisations in a number of industries including Aerospace, Architecture, Automotive, Consumer Products, Electronics, Industrial Design, Jewellery, Medical, Packaging, Sports Leisure, Telecommunications and White Goods.

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